What We Do

We strive to be the kind of online store that you rave about to everyone you know. We provide families with prescription eyeglasses that are trusty, trendy and not so spendy.

Shopping with us is simple and satisfying.


You can trust your family’s vision to us because we choose the frames, lenses and coatings for your eyeglasses ourselves. They have to be solid, well-constructed frames and high-quality lenses of all shapes, sizes and colors – so that all shapes, sizes and colors of people can look and feel great while wearing them.

All of our lab work is done in one facility that is located in the heartland of America (we love saying that…) The staff have many years of experience working in the optical field and are professionals who are dedicated to doing a great job.

When you buy your eyeglasses from Greateyeglasses.com, if anything isn’t to your liking, and lets face it – things do happen – rarely – on occasion – but sometimes…just get in touch with us and whatever the issue is, it will be fixed. You will also be respected and treated like you are the most important person in the world because, for that moment in time, to us – you are.

Where We Stand

We want to keep our footprint small.

Where possible we use recycled, or recyclable materials in our packaging, don’t use paper or printing materials, encourage employees to work from home (or a short distance from home) and donate returned glasses.

We the People

Three score or so years ago, Jim was bound for Optometry school and the eyeglasses business. But then he saw a documentary TV show…and went into the music business to produce records, instead. The whole time…he wore eyeglasses.

Andy, having perfect vision – didn’t wear eyeglasses back then. He did, however, play the drums really well and it was at a recording session in San Francisco where we met and became great friends.

Destiny intervened when Andy’s eyesight began to fail. “What? $400 for a pair of glasses!” He exclaimed. From these humble beginnings… Greateyeglasses.com was born…

We have a lot in common: Friends, family, music, business (and we both wear glasses). Entrepreneurs to the core, we’ve been starting, growing and running businesses of one sort or another, our whole lives. We still both love playing music and continue to jam together when we have time.

We hold two truths to be self-evident (actually more than two, but…)

1. We believe that nobody should have to pay $400 for a pair of eyeglasses (unless they want to).

2. Music is the language of the soul; a connection to the ethereal. It needs to be made available to children, each day, so that we may, as a society, get down and get funky!

That’s why supporting music programs in our schools is so important to us.

We are both so incredibly lucky to have such great people working with us. We’re spread out across several states and mostly work from our homes, where we are able to balance work and family. Our customer service reps are so nice, humorous and accommodating, it makes us wanna call them ourselves – just to be put in a great mood.


We stock plenty of the classic frame shapes as well as trendy styles. And with our great prices, you can have a pair for every season (hunting), mood (sassy), persona (intellectual), holiday (St. Angus day) or outfit (chartreuse).

Ordering eyeglasses that will fit correctly when you buy online is so much simpler than you might think. Our help menus and customer service people will guide you easily through the process. Whether your taste for frames is tried and true or completely brand new – you know they need to fit well.

And we’ll make sure they do

What People Say

Click here to read some of our customer comments.

How We Connect

In addition to wanting to sweep you off your feet with our eyeglasses, service and prices, we are doing what we can to be part of and serve a bigger community beyond our own. With every purchase of eyeglasses you are enabling us to work with schools who are helping kids get a musical education.

We like to promote the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) and the “Grammy In The Schools Program.” Jim, was a member of NARAS when the program first started and so it’s near and dear to us.

We believe in teaching our children well. If you have an idea on how to support music education in our schools, please send an email to support@greateyeglasses.com.

Not So Spendy

Let’s face it! Prescription eyeglasses have always been soooooooooooo expensive that you would only buy one pair – or two at most. And, don’t they always seem to break the day before you leave on vacation? Then you have to spend at least a few hundred bucks before you can even leave town!

Well, if you’re nervous about buying prescription eyeglasses online, first buy a pair of our glasses in the lower-price range. You will be delighted and want to come back for more. This happens to us all the time. Our customers come back again and again to get more glasses because its so much fun for the whole family to keep changing-up their look. Or, in the case of kids…because they flushed them down the toilet!

So go ahead and order some hip sunglasses for Granny and sports glasses for little Billy. While you’re at it, treat yourself and buy some really great eyeglasses that will put a huge smile on your face. Seriously…go do it now! C’mon, you can barely read this. Clearly, you need a new pair of glasses…

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