Eyeglass Lens Coating Options


Hey there! Today we are going to talk about lens coatings. There are many coatings you can add to your lenses. I’ll explain now.

I will start with one of my favorite coatings, anti-reflective coating. It can also be explained as “no glare”. This coating eliminates any and all reflections from the front and back surface of glasses. The anti-reflective coating makes the lenses nearly invisible, so people can focus on you rather than the distracting reflection. This coating is great for night driving, as well as creating comfortable vision for reading and computer use.

Another coating is our blue-light blocking coating. This coating will keep you plugged in, logged on, and headache free. Our generation is known as the digital generation, which is great! But not everyone is aware of the harmful effects these digital devices cause on our eyes. Did you know that 70% of US adults experience digital eyestrain as a result of increasing use of digital devices? If you add our blue-light blocking coating to your frames this can all be eliminated.

The sun causes damage to your skin and actually does the same to our eyes. This is why we need polarized lenses when spending time outside. You can call it sunscreen, but for your eyes.

Gradient lenses are great if you enjoy reading or close work while in the sunlight. This allows you to protect your eyes with the darkest protection from the sun, while still letting you enjoy the clear lens experience from the bottom portion of the lenses.

Now, let’s master the photochromic lenses. These lenses are great for both indoor and outdoor activities. They are clear while inside, just like regular clear glasses, but have a secret protective trait to darken in the UV sunlight. Giving your eyes the proper protection from the sun’s UV rays.

We also color tint our eyewear. We offer the tints in red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, gray, and brown. And along with these color options we also offer color tints in three shades; light, medium, and dark. Now those are some color options.

Anti-fog coating will keep your lenses from fogging over at any moment. No more worrying about entering and exiting air-conditioned buildings or drinking your hot coffee in the brisk winter air. This anti-fog coating will keep your lenses free of that white cloud effect.

And finally, we have our mirrored sunglasses. These are not only the latest in fashion, but they also serve a purpose in many outdoor activities.

I hope this informational video on lens coatings and eye protection has helped you with any questions that you’ve had before purchasing your new pair of glasses from Great Eye Glasses.

Make sure to check out some of our other videos, as well. See you!

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