Prescription Lens Thickness


Hey there! I know that choosing the right lens material for your prescription index and thickness can drag you down. I am going to try to make your life a little more simple when it comes to choosing the right pair of glasses for you.

Let me start by explaining this little tip: The higher the index number, the thinner the lenses will be.

First, we have our basic, or free lenses, the 156 which is a plastic material. These come complementary with any pair of frames you purchase through Great Eye Glasses today.

Next, we have your most popular, the polycarbonate lenses. These lenses are extremely durable and are more impact-resistant than glass or plastic lens material. Because of that, they are great for children and outdoor activities.

If you happen to have a more complex prescription with a higher power or multifocal lenses, your lenses will be thicker. So, I would suggest one of the following four options:

  • 160: Or otherwise known as thin material
  • 161: The super thin and light
  • 167: Or otherwise known as ultra-thin
  • And finally, we have our micro-thin lens, the 174.

Now you can shake off all the weight of worrying how to choose the best lens solution for your new pair of glasses and give the world your best smile by showing off your favorite pair of glasses from Great Eye Glasses.

Thank you for watching this informational video on lens thickness. Be sure to check out some of our other videos, as well. See you!

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