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When exposed to UV rays, your eyes can experience short- and long-term damage. While many people wear sunglasses during summer, too few wear them year-round. No matter what time of year it is, it’s vital for you to protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

While you might be ready to head out to the nearest store to pick up some shades, you don’t have to! You can buy sunglasses online now that you’ve discovered Great Eye Glasses. Whether you want sunglasses to look stylish or you need affordable prescription sunglasses, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our extensive inventory of great-looking eyewear.

What to Look for in a Pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses serve multiple purposes in many instances. In addition to protecting your eyes from sun damage, sunglasses are also meant to ensure you can see clearly regardless of how bright the sun is shining.

To ensure your eyes have adequate protection, you should shop for sunglasses that have 100% UV protection. You may also want to look for sunglasses that are bigger than your eyeglasses or wraparound sunglasses. Oversized or wraparound sunglasses will provide greater protection by reducing the amount of UV light that can reach your eyes from the sides.

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When the sun’s rays hit a reflective surface like water or pavement, it can create glare. Glare can impair your ability to see clearly, which can be dangerous if you’re operating a boat or driving on a roadway. To stay safe, you should shop for polarized sunglasses, which are also known as “anti-glare sunglasses” and “glare-reducing sunglasses.”

If sunglasses with regular shades don’t provide enough contrast for you to see things clearly when it’s sunny outside, you might want to search for glasses that have amber, green or gray lenses. While lenses in those colors won’t block more UV rays than regularly shaded lenses, they will provide more contrast. Even if a lack of contrast isn’t necessarily a problem for you, you may want to get sunglasses with amber, gray, or green lenses if you play sports like baseball or golf to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Some people may tell you that getting a quality pair of sunglasses will require you to make a sizeable investment. But that’s not the case. Great Eye Glasses sells high-quality sunglasses at a range of affordable price points that provide all the protection and function you need, all year long.

Find Sunglasses for Your Whole Family Now

Just like we sell an array of styles, Great Eye Glasses sells sunglasses for everyone in your family. Men’s, women’s and kids’ sunglasses are just a click away when you shop our secure website. You can shop Great Eye Glasses with confidence.

If you have questions about our sunglasses or you need some help, contact us online or give us a call. We look forward to fulfilling your order for high-quality, affordable sunglasses soon!

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